It’s All in How You Say It

It only takes having a four-year-old to learn how key enunciating your words can be.

For example, my four-year-old has the tendency to drop a lot of “R”s. Mostly harmless. Except when saying at least one word.

Today’s lesson:

I was in the kitchen fixing the kids a sandwich after church. Griffin was battling with the buttons of a collared, button-down shirt — his nemesis. After a few minutes of struggling, his annoyed and plaintive request:

“Will you get this sh-t offa me?”

Say what???

For the moment before I could put it together, I was horrified. Then I got it.

Shirt. He said: “shirt.”


I know a lot of you parents have a list of “no-no” words your kids aren’t allowed to say. Butt, stupid, hate, shut-up, etc. Maybe you can help me out with this one.

Exactly how do I ask him to never say the word “shirt” again?


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